Top Ten Movies of All Time


My roommate asked me the other day what my favorite movie was. Without thinking I answered Top Gun. Upon further thought, though one of my favorite movies (and on this list), I think I’ve changed my answer. And while watching my number 1, I decided to make this list of must-see movies.

So the title of my post might be a little hyperbolic, but still… You should probably try to watch all of the movies on this list. Also, if you don’t like Edward Norton or Tom Cruise, you should probably leave now.

10. American History X

Another creepyish movie. But damn good. It’s basically about two brothers involvement in a neo-Nazi movement, and the older one’s reformation. Lots of tough topics, graphic scenes, and ultimately a phenomenal story… Oh yeah, and of course, the Great Ed Norton, so it’s a win-win.

Best Quote: “Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s not worth it.”

9. Bridesmaids

I haven’t laughed so hard in a movie since… Probably Mean Girls. So basically for ten years. And also I feel like that ages me. Whatever, Stove. Seriously, though. So funny.

Best Quote: “You’re more beautiful than Cinderella. You smell like pine needles and you have a face like sunshine!”

8. Jerry Maguire

This movie showed us the money, made us fall in love, made us want to play football, and made us want to have 100 kids that look like Jonathan Lipnicki but only when he’s little. And, there were about a million amazing quotes that came out of this movie. Aside from “Show me the money,” there’s “Did you know the human head only weighs 8 lbs?”, “You complete me,” and of course the best one listed below. All of that in one film? Sign me up.

Best Quote: “You had me at hello.”

7.  Primal Fear

This movie’s a little creepy. But also amazing. And it’s one of Edward Norton’s first acting roles. This guy is like my favorite actor, and he rocked his second movie role ever. And I don’t want to spoil anything, so I just won’t say anything further. You can’t go wrong with this movie. Gosh.. Even looking at the pictures for this movie gives me the heebie-jeebies. (Sidenote: people are going to be upset, but Fight Club is not on this list. I’m sorry. I think now’s probably not a good time to tell you I haven’t seen it.)

Best Quote: “You want justice, go to a whorehouse. You wanna get fucked, go to court.”

6. The Shawshank Redemption

It’s actually been a while since I’ve popped this one in. But I think I should probably re-watch it soon. It’s based on a Stephen King novel, so you know it’s good. (Don’t worry, The Shining isn’t on this list, but I could have added it.. maybe.) Plus, it’s got a stellar cast, which includes God.

Best Quote: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

5. The Goonies

Kids that go on a treasure hunt. Plus, it’s got Rudy (I mean, Sean Astin), Chunk, Sloth, and some kid you can’t understand. ‘Nuff said.

Best Quote(s): “Hey you guuuuuuyssss!!!!” and “Do the truffle shuffle!”

4. Stand By Me

Kids that go on a treasure hunt of different sorts. And by treasure I mean hunt for a dead kid. But on the way, they learn a lot about themselves, and their older douche bag brothers. Phenomenal movie for any time of year. Side note: Who knew Jerry O’Connell would grow up the way he did? Humph.

Best Quote: “Sick balls, Chompy!”

3. Mean Girls

You may question my judgement here, but whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can’t help but laugh at this movie. And if you think you can, then YOU CAN’T SIT WITH US!

Best Quote: “Don’t have sex. Because you will get pregnant. And die.”

2. Top Gun

I’m not even attracted to Tom Cruise, but there’s just something about him that every girl loves in this movie. I think it might be his huge… F14.

Best Quote: “Hey Goose, ya big stud!” “That’s me, honey!” “Take me to bed or lose me forever.” “Show me the way home, honey.”

1. Forrest Gump

What’s not to love about Forrest Gump? Not only does this movie contain the best cliches (“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”), the most profound thoughts (“I’m tired now. I think I’m gonna go home.”) and the most hilarious quotes. (“I gotta pee.), but you simply fall in love with all of the characters in the film, especially Haley Joel Osment and except for that hoe-bag Jenny.

Best Quote: “I’m not a smart man… But I know what love is.”

Do me a favor… Leave me your list in the comments below. I need some movies in my life!

Album of the Week: Mashups By Candlelight


I really want you guys to like this one. But it’s different. It’s different because there are no words, just music. Just piano, to be more specific. I told you that these were going to bounce around from genre to genre… But of all my albums of the week thus far, this one may be my favorite.

This week’s album of the week: Mashups by Candlelight by Scott Bradlee.

Alright, so… I listen to music all day everyday basically. I listen to pop, rock, indie, oldies, jazz, hip hop, instrumental, acoustic, you name it. Tomorrow, I’ll be listening to this album… again.

I’m a complete sucker for awesome piano… Maybe it was the 9 years I played in combination with the very little I actually learned in those 9 years that made me listen to a good song on the piano and weep on the inside because I know I’ll never be that good, even though I really really really want to be.

So, when I discovered Scott Bradlee, I was basically like “again, again, again!”

This album from start to finish is phenomenal. If you’re like me, you’ll start it from the beginning, then play games with yourself to try and figure out what two songs he’s mashing up.

I love this album not only because he mashes up modern day songs that I love on the piano, BUT he also adds his own style and flair. He’s a jazz musician. A lot of these songs have a retro / jazz feel to them, and it’s really fun to hear how he manipulates the tune to make it his own.

I dig it. You should too. Give it a go and tell me what you think. And be sure to check him out on Spotify.

Oh. And if you’re wanting to know my favorite mashup on the album? It’s this one:

Oh, and hey… Do me a favor? Get the word out about this guy. Because he will probably see my Album of the Week reviews again. As will his band “Post Modern Jukebox”.

Peace and love, dudes.


P.S. Sorry for not posting an AotW last week — it’s been OOBER busy ’round here.



Thanks to my addiction to junk reality TV and OWN featuring the Lindsay Lohan docu-series every Sunday night, I’ve recently discovered The Oprah Winfrey Network. It started just by watching Lindsay, but then my roommates and I started watching more and more. Lately, we haven’t been able to turn it off.

That being said… I think everyone should watch OWN. I think it should be part of life that you have to have access to the Oprah Winfrey Network at all times. As I’ve watched this channel, I’ve discovered three important revelations about Oprah that I had yet to know prior to its discovery.

1. Who needs a life coach when you have Oprah?

This is a serious question. Oprah has a show on her network called #Lifeclass. Case in point… She’s your instructor during this 43 minute time period where she teaches you important values about living life and how to be happy with yourself. THAT’S WHAT LIFE COACHES DO. 

2. Oprah is a goddess. Or at least the equivalent of a human-race Yoda. 

She’s basically a cross between Fergie and Jesus. For instance, she sings all the time when she gets excited (#Fergie). Not only does she give really great advice about life and happiness, but her interviews are basically prophetic, especially when she is interviewing hot-mess celebs. Ok, ok… I know that it’s not hard to tell that if Lindsay Lohan doesn’t get her sh*t together that she’s going to end up dead. BUT it’s the way Oprah discusses it with these people that really make her interviews amazing. Plus, she gives things away and makes dreams come true. Just watch a marathon an episode of Where Are They Now, and you’ll see it, too.

3. I’m bound and determined to meet Oprah at Some point in my life.

I know that probably everyone says that. However, I feel like that when people meet Oprah, she touches something in them.

She has people on the show and their lives change for the better… forever. All I want is to meet Oprah so that my life can improve forever.

If you haven’t gathered… OWN is a life changer. If you haven’t watched it, you should.

Let me know about any revelations you’ve found lately — be it through TV, music or life in general.


4/14/2014 UPDATE:

Oprah even moves something in the happiest man on the planet: Pharrell.


To answer your question, “Why are you crying on Oprah”, Pharrell… See #3.

…Because I’m Happyyyyyyyyyy. 

Album of the Week: Girl


We all know Pharrell Williams makes us “Happy”, but I was not anticipating that his album G I R L would be equally as wonderful as the first single on the album.

That’s why G I R L is my album of the week this week.

The album is a jam. It’s got some sweet collabs on it that really shine vocally. Ms. Alicia Keys is sick. And I’m sure you all have heard of Justin Timberlake? Yep. He’s on this album, too.

The reason I love this album, simply, is because it’s F.U.N., fun. Toe-tappin’, head-bobbin’, hips-swingin’ fun.

There’s not a ton of depth in the lyrics, but that’s to be expected when you’re just looking for an album to rock out to.

My favorite song is “Lost Queen”. If you’re ever in a bad mood, this song will pick you up… Because you’re a lost queen (or king?). Just kidding, it’s because the melody is easy to hum along to, tap your foot to, get down witchya bad self to. Sounds like he should have collaborated with Lorde on it.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, take a listen to Pharrell’s G I R L. And if the album doesn’t pick you up, let me know. Even though I think you’ll be lying…

Let me serve you, serve you, remind you that you are a lost queen… I think you are a lost queen… 

Until next time!

Ten Videos to Make You Smile


I’m a sucker for a good YouTube video. Apparently so is Ellen Degeneres. She’s had about 200,000 people on her show from viral YouTube videos, which makes me want to make a viral YouTube video in an attempt to get on her show. But she’s got an eye for it.

Of course I love me a good funny video, though I can’t help but to share the ones that melt your heart. I’m a crier, so probably about 90% of these videos have made me cry in some way shape or form. Since I heart the internetz, I’m going to post ten videos that I think should make you cry smile in some way shape or form. And Ellen probably agrees with me.

10. “Videoresponse to The Weirdest Dog Ever”

I just discovered this video the other night. And I’m obsessed with it.

9. “My 3 Year Old Must Argue and Debate About Everything”

You’re crazy if this video doesn’t make you laugh. Kid is so smart!

8. “Brian Williams Raps Rapper’s Delight

Who doesn’t love Brian Williams?

7. “Cinderfella”

You probably saw Beauty and the Beat, so I put the one above because it’s not only funny, but has a surprise wonderful ending at the end.

8. “Elderly Woman Waves at Students Every Day. Then She Got a HUGE Surprise.”

She did. So did you. Those are called tears.

7. “Imagine a World Without Hate”

And what a wonderful world it would be.

6. “The Sneezing Baby Panda”

An oldie… But a goodie!

5. “Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll!”

Because you can do it too!

4. “I’m Gonna Kick His Ask”

Literally… I quote this every day.

3. “Sweet Brown – Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That Autotune Remix”

Good luck getting this song out of your head.

2. “I Can’t Sing Nicki Minaj”

I wish I could sing Nicki Minaj just as bad as you, buddy. Also, you’re a cutie.

1. “Emotional Baby! Too Cute!”

Sofa King Cute.

Album of the Week: No Mythologies to Follow


SORRY! I’m a little bit late. But good things come to those who wait. Like this week’s album review. Why? Because you might not have heard of this artist, and after you give her a listen, you’ll be glad you did.

This week’s album of the week is “No Mythologies to Follow” from MØ.

My Norweigian friends would have to tell me how to pronounce this Danish name, but I do believe it’s pronounced “Meuh”. Except not because it’s a sound that’s not in our language.

Anyways, the album is a little different than some of the stuff I’ve put on here the last few weeks. She’s got this Lana Del Ray meets the XX meets Haerts meets La Roux.

But instead of this fun poppy melody on all of her songs, she has this kind of dark undertone in all of her songs. But even with those haunting undertones her songs are surprisingly dance-worthy.

I’ll be honest. I didn’t give this album much of a chance until earlier this week, when I was listening to one of the new music playlists I subscribe to on Spotify, and this song started playing. If you know me at all, you’ll know how excited I was when I heard it. A modern-day 2014 cover of a song that I love from 1998? Yes puhleez! Unfortunately, since this song is not on the album in review, I cannot sample it. So if you’re interested in an amazing Spice Girls cover, click on that link.

I’ve heard of her, because I’m obsessed with Avicii’s latest album (sure to be an AotW at some point), and she’s featured on one of the songs (“Dear Boy”).

Personally, I love all of the songs on her album. But if I had to pick one for the sake of this sample, I’d choose “Never Wanna Know”.

We’ve all gone through a tough break up once or twice in our lives, and as this song describes, sometimes you just know that it’s not meant to be. But everyone can identify that no matter how much the relationship didn’t work, a person still never wants to know who “the next person” is. Listening to this song, you almost feel like you’re going through the break up yourself.

Give it a listen, and tell me what you think! I’m really interested in your feedback on this one!

Also, if you didn’t click the link above. You should do it now, to listen to “Say You’ll Be There”.

Soul Pancake: Sweetening Your Soul


I’m sure you have all seen the viral video that gave a pep talk to the whole entire world. If you haven’t, you should check it out, because it truly is a pep talk. It’s this kid telling the world that it’s really not the horrible place that we see proof of each and every day.

This video came from a segment called “Kid President” by Soul Pancake. Soul Pancake’s mantra is to make the world a better place, just by inspiring people to be awesome. Kid President does a damn good job of bringing out the Awesome in life.

I subscribed to the Soul Pancake YouTube channel when “The Pep Talk” came out.

I’ve been uninspired lately to blog. I’ve been really busy, super exhausted, soccer season started back up, working lots and lots, all while trying to have some time for friends and family, and for myself. This post inspired me to blog today.

Today was my co-worker’s daughter’s first birthday party (her real birthday was on Friday). A one-year old’s birthday (no offense Allison), is about as exciting as watching water boil. Okay – that’s a lie, it’s a lot more exciting than that, but still, what do adults do at a one-year old’s birthday party? Turns out… They’re 100% completely entertained just by watching babies get excited doing every day, normal things like eating a giant cupcake.

Watching Vivi poke her cupcake, get excited about tissue paper, and stare in confusion at all the people looking at her today was completely and totally amazing. Why? Because everything she does is good and innocent now. And the older you get, the less amazing things people do become because they (and you) are exposed to the bad and corrupt.

That’s where these pep talks come into play. And that’s why I think they’re so important.

The video that Kid President put out at the end of January is everything that I want to tell my babies (when I have them, in the long-far-away future) on their first day here. It’s called “Kid President’s Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here”.

Why is it so important? Because it tells a kid — and reminds their parents, aunts, uncles, and friends — about the things they should look for, aspire to, and be in this world.

Can the world be tough? Sure. But what in life isn’t tough? Is it up to you to live in the happiness that you want to live in? Absolutely. It’s crazy that a kid reminds us of that. It’s crazy that a kid is helping us teach our kids that they should feel good and be awesome, and if they are, they will succeed. But that’s what’s happening in this video. And it’s truly amazing. Just like it was amazing watching Vivi eat tissue paper today.

Today’s blog post is just to use the Soul Pancake video to remind us that the world is a pretty darn good place to live in. And even though I’m working a lot what with my job, coaching, and helping some friends out, and even though I’m tired a lot, and even though I have less time lately to dedicate to myself (which is really, really important to me), and even though things might not go my way every single day… There’s still a reason to dance.

You’re awake. You’re awesome. Live like it.